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​​Dr. Ying Wu is the Dean and Professor of School of Nursing, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China. She is also the current President for Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics- APAMI (2012 to 2014), as well as assumes the leadership role for 24 research and academic associations, and government affiliated academic organizations in China, such as the Chinese Nursing Association, China Medical Informatics Association, etc. She published over 70 research papers and book chapters, and served as editor or vice editor for some of those books, most of them are highly recognizable in the field of nursing.

​Dr. Wu’s current research interests include nursing informatics, critical and continuous care of patients with cardiovascular and respiratory disease, and core competency-based education in nursing. She is the primary investigator for many research projects including projects and grants funded by National Natural Science foundation of China.



Ying Wu

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