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Vision and Mission of MEAHI


The Middle East Association for Health Informatics (MEAHI) is the premier professional association to advance and advocate the use of information & communication technologies at every level in the delivery of healthcare and medical services in the Middle East region specially in the countries of the WHO-EMR specification.


The mission of the Middle East Association for Health Informatics (MEAHI)  is to facilitate continuous quality improvement in health  through advocating  and advancing the use of advanced information & communication technologies throughout the Middle East region ( in the countries, which are in domain of activities of WHO-EMRO ).


  • To Serve as an autonomous Middle East regional body of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) so as to promote the work and activities of  IMIA among countries in the region
  • Heighten awareness amongst Middle East healthcare professionals & to also raise public awareness with respect to Biomedical/Health Informatics usage in  the community health improvement
  • Promote  Biomedical/Health Informatics as a viable and respected profession in the region
  • To foster enhanced collaboration and establish relationships with relevant organizations world wide
  • To further foster and enhance research, development, and the diffusion and dissemination of Biomedical/Health Informatics to solve healthcare issues and lend their weight to the continuous quality improvement process in the healthcare industry in this region


  • To serve as an authoritative body in the field of  Biomedical/Health Informatics and to provide local representation in international-related forums
  • To strengthen and support Biomedical/Health Informatics activities in the region. As a leading Health Informatics Association, it brings together a professional association solely devoted to Medical/Health Informatics, and will benefit from the accompanying of recognized world leaders that have made major contributions to field.
  • As leading professional association in the region ,it will promote  Biomedical/Health Informatics training in both undergraduate and  postgraduate levels and on-job training
  • As a leading professional organization , which connects the Academia with industry and governments in the field in the region
  • Assist in the coordination of Biomedical/Health Informatics-related activities with international organizations and institutes
  • Plan and conduct domestic scientific, technical, and educational meetings and programs with respect to the Biomedical/Health Informatics field to make its strategic plan a reality till 2012 “ Better Health Through the Better Information : The Agenda for the Middle East 2012 and beyond “Fosters the intra-discipline liaisons across the spectrum between those involved in the healthcare field and those involved in the field of information & communication technologies
  • As a leading regional validated association , distributes the educational materials about the Biomedical/Health Informatics field


  • Represents  Middle East  in the world  of  Biomedical/ Health Informatics
  • Engages in holding scientific, technical and educational forums in the field of  Biomedical/Health Informatics
  • Provides a medium for the exchange of ideas, development of problem-solving skills, and coordinated action with respect to Biomedical/Health Informatics.
  • Provides a locus for the development of regional Biomedical/Health Informatics standards involving collaboration with recognized international bodies
  • Provide a locus for the development of  regional  Health Information Strategy involving collaboration with experts around the world
  • To serve in an advisory role to the regional governments , organizations and  institutes in a project management  & consulting role
  • To stimulate, conduct, and sponsor research into the application & evaluation of  Biomedical/Health Informatics with the involvement of world experts
  • Provide world class proposals that will serve to attract  needed funding for implementation of regional & national Biomedical/Health Informatics projects utilizing international donations targeted for that specific purpose

Dr.Ramin Moghaddam, MEAHI Founding President

Last updated on December 15 2012

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