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Dr. Horan is Dean and Professor at CGU's School of Information Systems & Technology (SISAT) and is founding Director of the Kay Center for E-Health Research. Dr. Horan has been an active leader in research and training related to policy and consumer dimensions of health information technology and digital infrastructure systems.  This role has included service to the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ (HHS), American Health Information Community (AHIC), as well as providing research expertise, consultation and policy advice to the US Congress, US Health and Human Services, Social Security Administration, Department of Transportation, and the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Horan has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota, and the University of Hawaii.


Dr. Horan’s research has examined consumer-directed information technology systems.  His research has been funded by the California Healthcare Foundation, BlueShield Foundation, National Science Foundation, Social Security Administration, and Kay Family Foundation.  This research has included the use of digital infrastructure systems in diverse  and rural communities,  public agency needs for  disability medical evidence, and emergency room use of field-based multi-media patient trauma data.  Dr. Horan has been at the forefront of the design of several innovative systems, including CrashHelp, HealthATM, and SafeRoadmaps.  These systems have been developed through numerous partnerships, including a long standing collaboration with the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Horan has published over 120 articles in refereed conferences, journals, and books. His work has been published in flagship journals such as Communications of the ACM, Management Information Systems Quarterly Executive, Journal of the Association of Information Systems, Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, Information Systems Frontiers, Perspectives on Health Information Management, International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management Journal, Health and Disability Journal, and Government Information Quarterly. Dr Horan has also published two books on digital systems technology and served as symposium chair or co-chair for numerous academic events relating to health information technology and digital infrastructures.


Dr. Horan received his Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University (1988) and then spent five years as a Senior Analyst for the US General Accounting Office in Washington, DC.  Following a two-year engagement as a Senior Fellow with George Mason University, Dr. Horan returned to Claremont Graduate University in 1995.

Thomas A. Horan

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