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Membership in MEAHI

MEAHI has an open forum with the goal of promoting better healthcare in the middle east region through the means of ICT. Such a goal is not exclusive to MEAHI, a lot of different entities such as national organizations, NGOs, academics, experts and enthusiasts are pursuing the same goal. Considering this fact, MEAHI is inviting everyone to pool resources and efforts towards a more effective approach to the MEAHI strategic plan slogan : “ Better Health Through the Better Information : The agenda for the Middle East 2012 and beyond “.

MEAHI is providing different kinds of memberships to match different entities taking role in the endeavor of better healthcare promotion. Whether you represent a governmental organization or you are a member of academia working in healthcare research or you have access to resources that you wish to put in use in healthcare services improvements, there is proper membership option for you to pursue your own agenda with collaboration of others with the same goals.


Learn more about different membership opportunities provided my MEAHI.


Fill out the online form to apply for the proper membership.

Applying for Membership

Membership Categories

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