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Membership Categories of MEAHI

According to the Article 4 of MEAHI bylaws, Membership of MEAHI is open to National Societies from countries and areas in the Middle East region with objectives compatible with its own. The national boundaries are adopted based on the United Nations Organization membership:


  • National Membership (Full Membership): In each country, a national scientific or technical society or a group of such societies may become a National Member (Full Member), with the restriction that there shall be only one National Member for any country and that it shall be representative of the national activities in the field of health and biomedical informatics. In those countries in which the national association is an existing National IMIA member, that national association shall also be deemed the Full MEAHI Member for that country. Only Full Members have the right to host the triennial MEAHI Conference.
  • Corresponding  Membership: Individuals (  Physicians,  Dentists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Biomedical Engineers, Medical Librarians , Researchers ,Healthcare Informatics professionals  and other healthcare professionals who have a strong interest in Biomedical / Health Informatics )   in the  countries where there is no existing national society  in the filed of Biomedical/Health informatics  may apply to become a Corresponding Member of  MEAHI


  • Institutional  Membership:  NGO’s, Nonprofit Associations, Medical universities , Nonprofit Universities, Research Institutes, Libraries , Hospitals , Companies 
  • Sponsors and Patrons Membership (Financial Membership ) : Recognition of companies and  philanthropists who support MEAHI 


  • Honorary Membership: Honorary members are persons who have earned exceptional merit in furthering the aims and interests of MEAHI.

The MEAHI annual general meeting shall decide on the admission of national members (full members), corresponding members, institutional members, sponsor & patron members and honorary members upon recommendation of the Board of Directors.


MEAHI welcomes all enthusiastic professionals who are keen to be a MEAHI member. For further information, please contact us.

Last updated on December 15 2012

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