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This conference specifically aims to explore the challenges and solutions for an integrated healthcare service using information and communication technology (ICT) based on regional needs and MEAHI inspired strategy : “ Better Health Through Better Information“.

The theme of the MEAHI STC 2015 is "Standards and Interoperability in Healthcare Informatics ". An ICT enabled integrated healthcare system leverages achieving all kinds of interoperability including process ( clinical knowledge and workflow, standard care process and recording , quality assurance and accreditation), technical ( hardware, information systems architecture, messaging, protocols, models and methods, privacy  & confidentiality ), and semantic (coding, terminologies, concepts,  interfacing knowledge representation ), using standards .


The MEAHI STC 2015 will take place on 15-17 December 2015, at Health Sciences Center, KUWAIT University, Kuwait under patronage of Vice President, Health Science Center ,Kuwait University .The official language of the conference is English. 


During a pre-conference day, and a 2-day conference, delegates will hear from distinguished speakers from the region and around the world. The conference’s target audiences will be Healthcare Leaders, Policy Makers, and Executives, Biomedical & Health Informatics Professionals and Healthcare and IT students.

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