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MEAHI-NI Vision and Mission



Effectively and efficiently connects Nurses from different countries in the Middle East and North Africa region to excel in nursing informatics.



MEAHI-NI will link North African and Middle Eastern knowledge leaders to effectively and efficiently create, assemble, integrate, synthesize, and assimilate nursing informatics that is required world- wide generally and in the Middle east and North Africa specifically to advance nursing in its role in improving health and healthcare.
The aim of MEAHI-NI is to excel in nursing practice, education, management and research through providing leadership in the Middle East and North Africa in the development, implementation, and evaluation of nursing informatics as interrelated of health informatics. MEAHI-NI will ensure nursing informatics supports nursing profession, organizations, communities and patients in pursuing and achieving optimum health for all. MEAHI-NI will collaborate with the multidisciplinary health personnel and policy makers to transform nursing profession in accord with the world wide vision for health improvement of population.



1- Explore the scope of Nursing Informatics and its implications in activities associated with evidence based nursing practice, nursing management, nursing research, nursing education, standards and patient (or client) decision making.   

2- Support the development of nursing informatics in member countries and promote nursing informatics worldwide.

3- Provide, promote and support informatics meetings, conferences, and electronic communication forums to enable opportunities for the sharing of ideas, developments and knowledge.

4- Promote linkages and collaborative activities with national and international nursing, health informatics groups and nursing and health care organizations globally.

5- Participate in IMIA-NI working groups and special interest groups to present a nursing perspective.

6- Develop recommendations, guidelines, tools and courses relating to nursing informatics.

7- Encourage the publication and dissemination of research and development materials in the field of nursing informatics and the healthcare

8- Support nurses in member countries to work with patients, families, communities and societies to adopt and manage informatics approaches to healthcare. 


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Last updated on December 15 2012

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