MEAHI Governance Hierarchy 

In order to expedite the deployment of the MEAHI strategy, and to execute the MEAHI vision, the MEAHI Governance shall be strengthened during the MEAHI social encounter phase ( 2013 onwards ). A fine-tuning on MEAHI structural , and functional models has been proposed by MEAHI founding president to the MEAHI General Assembly on 23 April 2013 at Crown Plaza Deira , Dubai , UAE , which have been agreed by the majority  in principle, then during the MEAHI board meeting dated on  24 April 2013 at Crown Plaza Deira, Dubai, its details discussed , and agreed by the majority to be taken into action .

This fine-tuning emerged from a decade of experiences gained for MEAHI development phases, the necessity for Good Management Practice ( GMP) , and transparency of the role of the MEAHI Governance Hierarchy's entities , and formative and summative assessments of the MEAHI administration in order to sustain an agile & accountable organization based on lessons learned , and regional priorities .The related MEAHI bylaws’ articles, which were affected, accordingly will be submitted to the IMIA board for final endorsement.

The MEAHI Governance Hierarchy’s Functional & Physical models :

​A) Functional Model (Framework) , in descending order of authority , consists of :

Dr Ramin Moghaddam , MEAHI Founding President & MSC Chair

Last updated on 30 April 2013

  • MEAHI Supreme Council (MSC): MSC shall adjust the policies in regard to the Article.2 of MEAHI bylaws
  • MEAHI Board:
  • Non-Executive : shall orchestrate all MEAHI activities , and scrutiny the MEAHI execution performance
  • Executive : shall administer the program and activities of  MEAHI

B) Physical Model (structure) , in descending order of authority ,consists of :


The Entities of MEAHI Governance Hierarchy ’s Functional model , & their Roles :



  • MEAHI Policy Setting & Strategy Direction
  • To scrutinize the execution of the MEAHI vision
  • To monitor the Good Management Practice based on MEAHI bylaws and Code of Conduct , and to evaluate the Performance of MEAHI Executive Board members
  • To evaluate the Impact of MEAHI Strategy Deployment
  • To elect the MEAHI Executive Board members based on recommendation of the MEAHI Nominating Committee
  • Members:

2. MEAHI Board  :​

  • MEAHI Policy/Strategy Deployment
  • Members:

Dr. Ramin Moghaddam :

  • Non-Executive
  • Title: MEAHI Founding President & MSC Chair
  • Main Roles & Responsibilities:
  • To monitor , to scrutinize , and to evaluate the MEAHI Bylaws , and Policy/Strategy Deployment & deliverable
  • To orchestrate all activities among MEAHI Governance Hierarchy
  • To chair the MEAHI Nominating Committee
  • To cosign the MEAHI legal documents like as MOU , MOA , contracts , and official letters
  • To report to MSC , and IMIA
  • Local Organizing Committee (LOC)  Chair of MEAHI Special Topic Conference in 2014 in Kuwait City
  • To cosign the MEAHI legal documents like as MOU , MOA , contracts  , official letters ( 2013-2014)
  • To cosign the MEAHI financial documents ( 2013-2014 )
  • To report to MEAHI board & MSC

Mr. Hamza AlShawaf :

  • Executive
  • Title: MEAHI CEO (2013-2014)
  • Main Roles & Responsibilities:
  • To activate the MEAHI Working groups
  • To handle the MEAHI treasury affairs
  • To cosign the MEAHI financial documents
  • To report to MEAHI Board & MSC

Mr. Reza Shahpori :

  • Executive
  • Title: Treasurer, & Head of MEAHI WG affairs
  • Main Roles & Responsibilities:​

Mr. Jaafar A Madan :

  • Executive
  • Title: Head of MEAHI NI affairs
  • Main Roles & Responsibilities:​
  • To coordinate , and to promote the MEAHI Nursing Informatics initiatives
  • To report to MEAHI Board & MSC

Dr. Ahmed Albarrak :

  • Executive
  • Title: Head of Marketing affairs
  • Main Roles & Responsibilities:​
  • To market and to promote the MEAHI
  • To report to MEAHI Board & MSC
  • MEAHI Working Groups: shall create and maintain the MEAHI technical functionality.


  • All MEAHI Official Members
  • Main Roles & Responsibilities  :
  • Role :

  • MEAHI General Assembly(GA)
  • MEAHI Board

1. MEAHI Supreme Council (MSC) :

3. MEAHI Working Groups:

  • Role :
  • shall create and maintain the MEAHI technical functionality
  • Members :
  • All proposals for formation a working group , will be preliminary evaluated by the MEAHI board to be proposed to MEAHI Supreme Council (MSC) for final decision.
  • Each working group chair/s , will be responsible for conducting the related activities , technical functionality , and handling that working group membership.



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