MEAHI Code of Conduct

In line with the MEAHI Strategic Plan and its slogan “ Better Health Through Better Information “ , we conduct based on the following principles :

  • The humanitarian imperative comes first , we act on voluntary and not-for-profit basis

  • Our endowers  will not be used to further a particular political or religious standpoint

  • We shall endeavor not to be used as an instrument of any governments foreign policy

  • We , as MEAHI members and Board members , shall :
  • respect the differences in culture and custom
  • collaborate to deploy MEAHI Policy and Strategy based on :
  • ​Humanity , Humility , Mutual Respect & Trust
  • Moral character & Professional Ethics
  • No Conflict of Interests
  • No racial & religious discriminations
  • Respecting to multicultural and multiracial environment
  • Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure (NCND) rules
  • Social Accountability to make MEAHI as one of the key drivers for regional people’s life standards enhancement
  • Advocating of the Peaceful Relationship & Synergies , and no internal competition

The MEAHI Supreme Council ( MSC) is in charge to oversee closely all MEAHI actions in physical and virtual environments based on this code of conduct to avoid any misconduct. In case of any misconduct happens , the MSC will decide during an annual or extraordinary meeting to suspend or discard such activities , then dismiss the related member/s and stakeholder/s.

Dr Ramin Moghaddam ,

MEAHI Founding President & MSC Chair

30 April 2013



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