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History of MEAHI

Middle East Association for Health Informatics (MEAHI) was founded in 2002 by Dr.Ramin Moghaddam. From the inception until today, there have been done many activities and contributions during last decade on individual basis with a close collaboration with enthusiastic professionals for all necessary preparations and transition towards an operational professional body in the Middle East region. MEAHI has had privilege to get official recognition by IMIA (International Medical Informatics Association), and then worked closely with IMIA boards, and past-presidents  ( Prof. KC LUN,  Prof. Nancy Lorenzi, Prof. Reinhold Haux) since 2003. Prof.Hiroshi Takeda , the IMIA past vice-president for special affairs , attended actively in all MEAHI business meetings and events , then offered all necessary leadership and mentoring in order to expedite the MEAHI development phases on behalf of IMIA board through the years. We held eight business meetings in the region as the following, and then became the IMIA new regional chapter since November 2009:

  • First business meeting : 11 April 2005 , Central Library, department of Health & Medical Services (DOHMS) , Dubai , UAE ;
  • Second business meeting : 06 April 2006 , American University in Beirut Alumni Association Club , Beirut , Lebanon ;
  • Third business meeting jointly with SAHI board meeting: 08 May 2006, Hotel Intercontinental Riyadh, KSA. The MEAHI strategic plan (2007-2012) discussed ;
  • Fourth business meeting :25 June 2007, Iranian Medical Informatics Association(IrMIA) , Tehran , Iran ; jointly with  WHO-EMRO regional advisor;
  • Fifth business meeting : 22 August 2007 , Brisbane Convention Center , Brisbane , Australia ; then a MEDINFO2007 Panel organized to discuss about MEAHI strategic plan (2007-2012) ;
  • Sixth business meeting : 16 March 2008 , Hotel Intercontinental Riyadh, KSA ;
  • Seventh business meeting jointly with IMIA & WHO-EMRO : 17 March 2008 , Hotel Intercontinental Riyadh, KSA ;
  • Eighth business meeting : 26 May 2008, Gothenburg, Sweden ;
  • IMIA board meeting & IMIA General Assembly: 24 & 25 November 2009, Hiroshima, Japan. Final proposal on MEAHI-IMIA partnership presented, and then MEAHI became officially a new IMIA region.

MEAHI also run branded health informatics conferences since 10 years ago with a setting of learning outcomes for each event considering backward and forward compatibilities with the regional needs and priorities from strategic, managerial, and operational points of view in respected governmental, academic, and industrial sectors. Since five years ago, the MEAHI periodical health informatics conferences became integral part of MEAHI platform for exchanging knowledge among healthcare professionals in refer to the MEAHI strategic plan slogan : “ Better Health Through the Better Information : The agenda for the Middle East 2012 and beyond “.

Dr.Ramin Moghaddam, MEAHI Founding President

Last updated on December 15 2012

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