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About MEAHI STC 2015 

Through the years, we have tried to enhance the quality of the MEAHI Biomedical and Health Informatics Conference Brand in the region. 

During MEAHI past four conferences, we mainly focused on general themes in Biomedical & Health Informatics domain. In 2013, we decided to embark another category of MEAHI events so called “MEAHI STC – MEAHI Special Topic Conference “. The MEAHI STC series aim to


  • Focus on special topics which give opportunities to attendees to hear and learn more about technical details concerning the conference topics.

  • Be a catalyst for MEAHI technical functionality which is based on its working groups’ activities.

  • Be a forum for emerging and arousing the cross-borders technical collaborations in the field of Biomedical & Health Informatics in the region.

  • Enhance the quality of the portfolio of the MEAHI Biomedical and Health Informatics Conference Brand.


In essence, in near future, the MEAHI STC series will be MEAHI Working Groups’ events focusing on technical aspects of Biomedical and Health Informatics based on regional needs and trends.


The forthcoming conference is the first MEAHI Special Topic Conference (MEAHI STC 2015). The MEAHI STC 2015 will take place on 15-17 December 2015, at Health Sciences Center, KUWAIT University, KUWAIT under patronage of  Vice President, Health Science Center ,Kuwait University. It specifically aims to explore the challenges and solutions for an integrated healthcare service using information and communication technology ( ICT) based on regional needs and MEAHI inspired strategy : “ Better Health Through Better Information“. The theme of the MEAHI STC 2015 is “Standards and Interoperability in Healthcare Informatics “                          ​


The MEAHI STC 2015 structure would be as the following:

​A 3-day conference which starts with a pre-conference day, and follows with a 2-day conference;

  • The pre-conference day​​​​​​​​​​ will focus on basic & advanced learning needs of regional healthcare & heath informatics professionals to be presented and discussed through Hands-on Workshops, and Tutorial Lectures concerning the conference theme and topics.

  • The 2-day conference​​​​​​​​​​ will have morning and afternoon sessions in different tracks and topics in form of Keynote Address, Plenary Lectures, Panels, Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, and Innovative Software Applications’ Demonstrations ( through the conference exhibition ) including( but not limited to ) :​​

    • ​Healthcare Informatics standards varieties , their development and deployment challenges and role of international organizations

    • E-Health Interoperability and Standards from policy to practice , the challenges and solutions

    • Health Information Exchanges (HIE) Challenges , Standards and Solutions in local , national and regional (cross border) settings

    • Health and Biomedical Data and Knowledge Representation Standards

    • Electronic Patient Records (EPR) standards ( architecture , structure , format …)

    • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Interoperability Standards

    • Clinical Informatics and standard practice , the roles and impacts on interoperability for an integrated healthcare services 

    • Nursing Informatics and standard practice , the roles and impacts on interoperability for an integrated healthcare services 

    • Semantic Interoperability standards and Ontology engineering in Electronic Health Records   ( EHR ) and Nursing Informatics

    • Health 3.0 opportunities , challenges and impacts on healthcare settings

    • mHealth interoperability and opportunities for longitudinal Electronic Health Records ( EHR )

    • Ubiquitous Healthcare Services and mHealth solutions opportunities

    • Innovative Ambulatory Care services and integrated e-Health solutions

    • Wearable Medical Devices interoperability challenges , standards and solutions

    • Safety , Privacy and Security challenges and solutions in interoperable EHR

    • Big Data and interoperability standards in E-Health Solutions

    • Cloud commuting interoperability and E-Health Solutions

    • The impacts of interoperable E-Health solutions from economical, technical, and managerial perspectives on providing innovative healthcare services.


The official language of the conference is English.


Last updated on June 15 2015

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